A Newbie Here.

Salam Dear New Friends,

I am still new in this blogging world.
Although I created blogs for a few times before, the blogs end up left untouched.
Finally, I deleted them.
And now, once again I created a blog.
So, can I be counted a newbie?!
Hopefully 'YES'. hehe

Let us have a brief introduction first.
I am Faezah. You can call me Pae.
I am from Penang but currently working in Terengganu.
I am a late 80's baby.
Love to cook, bake and watch movies.

About my blog post.
Since I will be a bride in a one-year-time, probably my blog entries will cover more on wedding topics!hooreyy!
And may be I will slot in my daily life experiences too.
Hopefully I can be friend with you! you! and you!

Till Next Time.

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